Saturday, October 31, 2009

You can eat tequila?!?

Ok so we all know that tequila the drink is very popular, you know....One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila.....FLOOR!

I don't like it, at all. I'd rather drink turpentine thanks.

I do however cook with it. If I do say so myself, my tequila lasagna is very popular with my family. Nothing fancy, just chuck 8 tots into about a kilo of minced meat while you are cooking your meat sauce and that's it.

Last week while browsing around the Irene market, I noticed a tiny little plant at the back of the Plant Lady's stall. The name of the chilli was tequila. I didn't buy one. Himself was....well...beside Himself. (He likes tequila see....)

This morning I thought I'd surprise him (he's away and on a flight home right now) so after visiting the Veg Guy's stall, the Bread Girlie's stall and the Italian Lady, I stopped by the Plant Lady. She had to look for it but it was there, hidden at the back of the habanero and tobasco chilli plants.

So, I am now the proud owner of a tequila product that I can eat.

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