Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Boy George can be an inspiration

Someone asked me a few days ago if I have ever considered writing about our past. I haven't. I don't think I have the eloquence and writing skills to do our country's past justice.

The best I can do is to be a witness to what has passed, what we are living in and what is to come. To raise J&C with the expectation that no matter what a person looks like on the outside, it is the inside that matters. Prejudice belongs in the trashcan with all the other rubbish out there.

The past week and this week there has been much discussion about being gay. The school play is running right now and as with any boy, wearing makeup is not something they would ever do willingly. Lipstick and blush is for girls not boys. Of course this hasn't meant that there hasn't been any teasing. Teasing and 10 year old boys go hand in hand, especially when makeup is involved. J came home last week a bit upset because some of the other boys called him a girl, sissy and said he was gay for not being bothered with wearing makeup. Until I showed him pictures of men wearing makeup. Who knew Boy George would be inspirational in that department? We spoke at length about why any man would want to wear makeup, have their nails done, get their hairy backs waxed...generally manscape. He understands it a bit better now, that just because you do all those girly things doesn't make you an aberration to be feared and generally made fun of. It doesn't mean that you are gay, it doesn't mean that you are. All it means is that you are a human being. Inside and out. And that being gay is perfectly ok with me. It's the love you have inside to give someone else that matters.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Conan : a review (aka Mommy's Cartoons)

So I gave in to my carnal desire and went to see Conan 3D this morning. I first saw the Arnold movie way back in the 80s. Meh. This one......OH ALL THAT IS HOLY! DROOL. Jason Momoa looks good in leather. Very good. So extremely fine. le sigh.

Oh you want to know about the movie? Well let's see....crap. I don't remember much after he came on screen. I mean really? You want me to remember a plot line and a story after seeing all of this? :

Way way WAY much better than the original. The story differs significantly from the 80s version and IMNSVHO is much better. Ok so seriously, the acting will never win any Oscars but who cares? For 2 hours this morning I enjoyed myself. Very much.

/did I mention I was alone in the cinema? :D