Friday, October 02, 2009

All about silkworms

The Saga of the Silkworms 2009 continues. We had 19. Last week one died. By Friday we had 2 solid sunshine yellow cocoons. On Sunday, an off white cocoon and today, one is currently spinning itself into it's home for the next 3 weeks. My mulberry tree looks like a sad little thing with many many bare branches. Not only have I provided food for our 18 worms, but for a friend's 250. So far, only 12 have spun their cocoons. She has another coupla hundred to go.

So far, we've learned that silkworms eat for about 26 days before taking 3 days to spin a cocoon and turn into a pupa. About 21 days later the moth emerges. It doesn't eat or fly, but has a fantastic sex life, lays eggs and dies 5 days later. Six to 20 days later, the cycle starts again. I don't think my mulberry tree is going to last another round...

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