Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm in love with a serial killer

Yes, I love me some Dexter Morgan. His Dark Passenger is a delightful character. Michael Hall is just divine as the devlish serial killer with a (moral) code. Of course I first met Dexter on tv in the series. Now I am getting to know him in the books. Even better.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Survival guide : Stolen vehicles

After spending a couple of hours twiddling our thumbs at the Centurion Police satelite station vehicle clearance centre at the testing centre, my little car is no longer on the stolen list! After all the phoning around and just about speaking to every single police officer in the area we're done...until it happens again that is.

A few observations for those poor sods who ever get caught up in the Stolen Vehicle Twilight Zone :

1) Expect to stand in loooooong queues.
2) Expect to be treated worse than a criminal if you are white (yes, I know, I should stop being so damn sensitive and give some black people in this country a chance but when you are spoken to and treated as if you're a piece of shit on the bottom of someone's shoe just because of the colour of your skin, then the Rainbow Nation is not so Rainbow anymore now is it?)
3) Expect to be sent from one department to the other with no one knowing what it is you are supposed to do.
4) Make copies of EVERYTHING! Including the police file if you can.
5) Get everyone's name, telephone number and superior's details. It helps.
6) Make multiple copies of your ID book and the car vehicle registration papers.
7) Take a book, bottle of water and something to snack on, it's a long wait.
8) If you have a recording option on your cell phone, USE IT!
9) Be nice, nice is good. It doesn't help you shout and scream obscenities at the people you encounter along the way. Sometimes they really don't know how to help you and shouting at them just makes it worse.
10) Be prepared, keep 11tybillion pens and pencils in your handbag or car.

Above all, be vigilant, try not to be a victim of a crime. Sucks but that is the reality.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A good deed punished

Today I thought I would be a better person than I normally am and offer to help someone with no regard to myself.

After dropping J&C off at school and on the way home, I drove past a man on a motorbike who had stopped alongside the road and was trying to adjust what I thought was a bag in front of him. It wasn't. It was a child of about a year old. He very obviously could not control the motorbike and the child so had stopped. I stopped and rolled my window down, offering to help. He was incensed that I would even imply he shouldn't be driving so dangerously with a very young toddler inbetween his legs on an uncontrolable vehicle. I drove away in disgust.

I feel sorry for children whose parents think so little of their lives.