Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On my soapbox

So driving to school this morning I got stuck behind a woman with a child in the front seat. Kid couldn't have been more than about 3 or 4. She had a car seat in the back seat, empty. The kid was, instead, playing with a doll while sitting facing the seat with her back to the windscreen.

I see this sort of thing every single day and every single day I want to get out of my car and smack the person upside the head, or something. People don't think about the what ifs, until it happens to them and they lose a child in a most horrific manner. And even then, they'll blame the stupid driver of the other car who crashed into them. They never think that maybe if the child had been in proper restraints in the first place, they would not have died.

What is it with the human race that we can breed without thought, treat our kids as if they are there for our entertainment but when we stupidly create the reason for their death, we blame someone else for their stupidity?

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