Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is for Fuku....

Someone commented on my post about what's nice about being a South African on the internet and requested mud I googled mud hut images because believe it or not, I don't really live in a mud hut...'s some for you! :)

From this blog about life in a black rural how about that view? That's off the Transkei coast.

From a website about architecture...this one and many more depicting adobe architecture in the Sahal region of Africa...

See, they aren't all round and have straw roofs!

And this one, in the Lesotho highlands, taken from this photoblog that has awesome photos!

So while looking through the images of mud huts, I came across a site called Mud Huts, this is their logo, cute isn't it?

Mud Huts - a travel site for all things African, they will even arrange your honeymoon safari in the wilds of Africa!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The best thing about being a South African on the internet... that I get a chance to laugh at stereotypes in a way that not many will appreciate... whenever someone asks me if we live in mud huts... when someone thinks it's ok to leave a game viewing vehicle in the middle of the Kruger and go pet a game park lion... (Yes, someone actually asked me if animals in game parks are wild.) when someone asks me if I know So-and-so that they met back in '95 when they came on a sightseeing trip, he's from Kenya... when jaws drop because I'm white...but I'm from Africa, I should be black... when someone asks me if I can speak English...and the conversation is already 3 pages long... when someone asks if we have computers in South Africa...and I am posting on a message board with this person... when someone asks where I live and I say Pretoria, South Africa...and they ask if that is somewhere in Asia...

Friday, September 18, 2009


Gosh I haven't done this one in forever!

Have a good Friday and enjoy the lolcats overload!

And a bonus.....

And finally, introducing family member Flloyd....TGU's dog.

Recaption him!


I've recently been fooling around with my blog, changing things here and there. Blogger didn't have a nice blog template so I went to Shabby Blogs and found the beach scene.

I had a look around on other people's blogs to see what they have done. Some of them are so way over the top with so many whistles and bells but one gadget that caught my eye was the tag cloud. I like it. So for the last few days I've been attempting at putting one on my blog.

You don't see it? It's there! Really! What? Still not? Not possible! I copied and pasted the right code dammit!

Until one of my Aussie friends commented about having to actually tag words in your post.....

(I forgot to tag words in posts though! Brain fart moment!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm not squeamish but these little fuckers freak me out. They're pale and squishy and just bloody gross!

J came home last week with a bowl with about 8 or so. I can live with that. Then the next day he came home with 10 more. Cool I can live with that too. Except...little dude never thought to look at the mulberry tree and see if it had any leaves for the poor starving squishies!

The last week and a few days I have been driving around stealing leaves off of other people's trees. Yes the things we do for our children.

My tree has loads of tiny little leaves now so I will be putting my burglary days behind me soon...I did spot a tree a couple of houses down that no one knows of though...the leaves are GINORMOUS!....

If you happen to spot someone stealing leaves off your mulberry tree...I've got Lindt chocolate to trade!

Friday, September 11, 2009

So.....Caster has male parts

Which is a pity because she has some great athletic potential further down her career. What she will do now is anyone's guess as I am assuming that any other athlete out there will complain bitterly if she ever competes again internationally.

This whole story though has left a bitter taste in my mouth. It shows the utter disregard for gender and gender issues that this current government has, that they are naive about issues that are not clear cut and a case of pull your pants down to prove your sex. It also shows a severe lack of understanding on the part of ASA in how to handle international incidents.

And shame on the media for breaking this story before she was ever told of her test results. Disgusting.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Honey, there's a cross in my backyard!

I don't pretend to be religious. I don't pretend to understand why people feel that they have to have an outward display of their religious beliefs.

I do however know that for the longest time now, I have been questioning my faith in God. I am no longer a born again Christian and can't lay claim to that lable. I believe that the bible is a collection of historical accounts of a person and people who lived 2000 years or more ago and who, for lack of any written history, collected their folk tales and put it into book form. The first history book if you will.

I don't believe in creationism, that notion of dinosaurs living alongside modern man. I do believe in science and the concrete evidence of millions of years of evolution.

I am a thinker, not a follower. Well I used to follow but now I question. Thinking and pondering comes with the questioning. This is a trait that I sincerely hope I can pass onto my children. One that will show them how wonderful life on this planet can be without taking everything at face value.

What I don't hope for is that they blindly follow, although even if they do it wouldn't be an issue between us but one that I would carry within me.

What I find incredibly sad is that we now have this to ride past every day :

Not because it is an outward representation of one path's beliefs, but because it only incorporates a Christian belief system. Clearly there is no tolerance in the area we live in for anything else. It would have been so much more interesting to have a montage of different symbols from different belief systems around the world, clearly proclaiming to all who drive or walk past that we are truly one.