From time to time I will post reviews of books that I am reading. 

The Model Universe and other stories By Indie Author Christopher Bunn

This is a collection of 6 short stories, one flowing into the next.  As my review above says, I was sorry to reach the end because it felt like there should have been more.  He has published the first in a trilogy, The Hawk and His Boy.  I have it waiting in my queue of books on my Kindle to read.

33 A.D. By David McAfee

Imagine if you will, Jerusalem during the last week or so of the life of Jesus.  Imagine a world of vampires intent on destroying him.  That is the world that David McAfee had me imagining in 33 A.D..  Vampires unlike the current trend of nonsene that Stephanie Meyer seems to like portraying.  These vampires suck your blood out of your body and toss you aside as though you were nothing more than prey, they don't get all touchy feely wanting to explore sudden feelings of empathy with their food.  They like to kill, tear human bodies apart.  That is a vampire story worth reading.