Friday, April 17, 2009

The hero worship of a 6 year old

My daughter adores Miley Cyrys (where's the barf emoticon when you need it!). Miley as Hannah Montana can do no wrong in her little world. She knows all the words to all her songs, can do a pretty great imitation of her dance moves, there's nothing that Hannah cannot do!

This morning on the way to drop the Kidlets off at school, there was a discussion about her in the car. C kept telling J that no way was Miley a loser...until J said that Miley has gotten too big and fat, and she looks like she just had a baby.

It took all I could muster not to burst out laughing! C on the other hand burst into tears that only stopped when we got to school.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some people should never breed

Some parents are irresponsible idiots who should never be allowed to breed, ever.

The new school term started on the 15th, it's the 16th today and already I am pissed off at those parents who think it's just great to let their little ones sit inbetween the two front seats, or stand inbetween the two front seats, totally unrestrained.

It's the worst safety hazard for small children. Their bodies are so light they will fly through the front and land on the dashboard of the car if you so much as tap the break pedal with your big toe lightly. Are some parents just that moronic?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My son the vegetarian

It's definately definate. I posted earlier this month about a conversation I had with my son about him being a vegetarian. Honestly thought it was just something he was experimenting with. Aparently not.

He declared quite loudly most of Easter weekend that he is not a carnivore like his sister (she'd eat a bull raw and growl if you asked for a piece), he's a vegetarian...and proceeded to leave his meat most meals. He will eat chicken though, and fish.....

Friday, April 10, 2009


Easter Friday, all is quiet. Tiptoe out the back door, hide eggs everywhere.....minutes later shrieks of delight!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


At 9pm last night I was laying in bed reading a book while He was watching the Manchester United game on tv. All of a sudden I heard a frantic scream and what sounded like WWIII in the roof above our bed. There was frantic scrabbling of claws and screams, loads of dust coming out at the top of the roof where it meeets the tiles....sounded really awful. Then it stopped, started up again a bit later, stopped, started up this time the screams sounded like some Thing was killing some Thing else. Thuds as the Things fought. At one stage I thought the ceiling might fall in on top of us!

Finally at 3am it stopped so He and I have had very little sleep. At 8am I called a pest control company to come out and do an inspection....R590 later I have some rat poison and a follow up visit scheduled for 4 weeks from today. Thank the FSM it's not summer!

New music

Recently while watching CNN I discovered a new band - Ojos de Brujo. They're a 9 piece outfit from Barcelona, the name means Eyes of the Wizard. Check them out on youtube, their music's catchy.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Dumbass of the day award

goes to ....... TA DA! Me!

This morning J and C got dressed, ate their breakfast and drank their juice without complaint, got their teeth brushed all without fighting and generally behaved....see I bribed them. In the 8 years I have been a mother, I have found that once these aliens start thinking for themselves there is one tool that works without fail...bribery. In this instance I promised we would go to the Spur for milkshakes so that they could play and I could have some peace for an hour after grocery shopping.

At 9am the two little aliens were standing at the front door all full of smiles and jabbering on about what games they were going to play. I picked up my bag, my housekeys and my car keys. For the next hour I searched everywhere! Even went through the car with a finetooth comb frantically searching keys. Eventually, frantic and almost in tears (I had visions of paying a fortune to have my car keys recut and Him being mad at the extra expense) so I walked out to the garage again and stood there.

And there they the door lock on the passenger front side....this after I had looked under the car (and changed my clothes), in the car, under the carseats, around the car....I blame it on my glasses, they were on top of my head keeping my hair out of my face so how could I have noticed the keys in the door? I mean really....

So at 10am this morning we drove down to the Mall, spent some money at PnP and Ackermans before I crashed at my table at the Spur. 11am would have been too early to raid their bar....

More on meat...

Yesterday He took the kids shopping, He wanted more melon. He came home with a small pack of minute steaks so we braaied on Sunday (that's bbq for my American friends). J picked out the pack of minute steaks because he wanted some for lunch, I was planning on making them chicken satay to grill on the braai but J had other plans, he wanted meat.

All is not lost! ;)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Men and women - the eternal struggle for domination...

I don't understand some women. I'm one and I don't get my gender.

I don't understand why women feel the need to treat their men like little boys.

I don't understand why women feel the need to automatically assume a man is a jerk and deserves to be kicked in the balls before hearing both sides of any issue.

I don't understand why women have such hatred for their husbands / boyfriends / partners.

I don't understand why women feel the need to change the man in their life.

I don't understand why women refuse to change for their guy.

It's as if women assume that men are generally idiots, that they will fuck up worse than a 2 year old.

Yes there are some male jerks out there and they can be right bastards. But not all men are like that. If you are in a relationship with a fairly decent guy, why dominate him and make out that he is just such a failure at being a man? Why have your friends validate your feelings about his behaviour instead of actually treating him like an equal and an old enough equal at that who might just appreciate you telling him how you feel? Why run to your friends first before having an adult conversation about stuff that bothers you?

Maybe I'm just a downtrodden little hausfrau whose husband has her well and truly under his thumb.....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Post dinner comments from my new Vegetarian...

J, after almost licking his plate clean : "Mom! That was awesome! Can I have the same for supper tomorrow night?"

Me, after coming round from passing out : "Sure babe....but don't you want some meat with that?"

J : "No mom! Meat doesn't taste nice!"

Wonder if soy mince tastes of anything other than cardboard....

Meatatarians Unite!

I like my steak still bloody and mooing, just wipe the snot off it's nose, cut any horns off, wipe it's arse and put it on my plate...smothered in a Jack Daniels sauce.

My son on the other hand, he told me tonight he doesn't like meat. He wants a pot of steamed vegetables for supper.....