Friday, December 04, 2009

And so the year ends...

I'll be away for a bit so this is my last blog entry for the year.

Top News Story :

The biggest shock internationally this year must either be Michael Jackson's unexpected death or the election of Barack Obama as president of the US. For me personally, it was Michael Jackson's death that is the biggest news story this past year. It's weird to live in a world where the King of Pop is no more. Not that I was ever a fan, I prefer other styles of music.

Locally, the endless corruption of officials in the ANC is neither shocking nor news anymore. The news for me would be an official untainted by the corruption. Does such a person exist?

Then there was the, eventually, sad story of Caster Semenya. It defies logic that officials would use this poor woman, lie about so many things, and then leave her to the newshounds, exposing her unmentionables for all the world to gnaw at.

Personally, J&C have done well at school so we are expecting a pass into the next grades, Big C's pregnancy is progressing very well, baby's due mid Feb (hey sis, think you can make it on J's birthday? ;) ), we were adopted by a cat which is sadly no longer with us, I found the perfect Christmas gift for Himself and life is generally good!

And then there's the blissful 4 weeks away in the greatest spot on earth. Watching whales from the rocks, eating freshly caught crayfish (TGU, you better bring your boat with!). Hanging out braaing, sitting around the fire at night watching the stars and listening out for the owls, catching up with old friends.

Presents on Christmas morning, trifle, lunch, trifle, vegging out while the kids play, sneaking the last brandy-sodden bowl of trifle.

Did I mention trifle?

Then New Year's, pretty much the same except for presents. There will be trifle.

And then the last few days with M&S from Oz.

Then home.

And the start of a new year.

Memories of trifle slowly fading away......

To the handful of people who actually read this blog, have a great time over Christmas and New Year. Eat well, drink loads (but don't drive!), stay safe and have a blast!

I'll see you all next year!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lapa update

I forgot to post pictures of the final product.

Halfway on the second day :

Finally done on the third day : The outside :

Inside :

Inside :

The roof inside :