Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey hey it's Friday!

I'm supposed to be clearing out some paperwork (self imposed work) but am soooo not into it. It all started with a phone call from Leo. Leo is trying desperately to sell wine over the phone. Poor Leo. Maybe if he'd caught me in the middle of the afternoon after trying to calm down 4 kids in the heat, I'd have bought the entire harvest and had it shipped up express courier or something...

Instead, he called me an hour ago at 9.30am, sounding all breathy and so stoked he actually got someone on the phone who wasn't instantly trying to end the call. Poor Leo was so intent on going for the jugular he totally missed the point of a cold call - keeping the person on the other end from losing interest. Comes from sounding unsure of the product you are selling and waffling on about harvests and wine makers and the John Platter guide. I'm a wine ho bro, shove a bottle in my hand and it'll be downed before you can even try and pry the cork out. I don't need to know that a particular wine is made by Such-and-Such and has 4 stars in the John Platter. Mr Platter might have been the eminent wine guru back in the day but his guide has become an unaffordable bribable whore who rates wines according to who pays more to be in it these days.

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