Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soooooo goooooood!

I went for another torture training session this morning. Felt soooooo gooooood! Especially after I got stuck in the taxi strike action on Hans Strydom this morning. Spent about 15 minutes listening to music at full volume to drown out the noise around me. Until one of the drivers decided to berate the bus driver standing in the lane right next to me. Got a bit hairy there when he started bashing on the bus door with his sjambok. I was quite glad when the last of them finally went through and the road was open again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday's workout

I dropped J&C off this morning, raced home to get changed into gym gear and sat on the couch. Until 7.50am. My first gym session started at 8am. I was cool, with my tracksuit pants, the tshirt that covers the love tyres around my waist and my bottle of orange juice and water. And my towel. Those eager little instructors descended on me to show me the gear and how to use it.

Now I don't know about any of you, but a gym for me has always been a war zone. Way back in the 90s when Health & Racquet first hit the scene, I got myself a gym membership contract. For the first six weeks I showed up religiously, got into doing water aerobics. The circuit scared the crap out of me with all the stuff you had to remember about all the machines. Then I developed the bladder infection from hell. I stopped going but still continued to pay my monthly fee. After the contract ended I never saw the inside of a gym again, until Friday when I joined up.

What I remember about my one and only gym experience were the gym bunnies, those over made up and over dressed little bodies that kept on going, and those machines.

At Curves, there was none of that. Oh there were some ladies there, but overall they looked like I did, overweight and underfit. I was done in 40 minutes. And my muscles don't hurt, yet.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A gym membership

I'm a fat 40yo woman with curves in places whoever created us most certainly never intended. I have a stomach that wobbles like jelly whenever I lay on my back and laugh. I look like a beached whale when entrenched under the duvet in the middle of winter.

Due to my fatness, I have reflux, high cholestrol and a lazy arse that loves the couch. And chips with dip. Hey I like food ok?

Cardio Guy told me in January that I needed to exercise at my yearly appointment. It took a while but here I am, fresh from having paid an arm and a leg to join my local Curves. I start my first round of torture on Monday, followed by Wednesday and followed by Friday.

My survival plan includes :

1 Not turning into a gym bunny.
2 Drinking lots of wine.
3 Sweating so much that no one will want to talk to me.
4 Coming home and passing out on the couch mumbling insanely.
5 Drinking lots of wine.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

When family lets you down

I wrote back in March about family reconnecting. At that time, the family in question sent messages back and forth on Facebook about an impending trip back to South Africa and how wonderful it will be to meet up. They would be staying with friends quite near to where we live. Like 5 minutes away by car.

I was a bit sceptical still but Himself was looking forward to seeing family members we'd last seen 8 years ago.

Well, status update this morning from the family is that they are back at home. They never called or contacted us in any way to get together like they kept saying they would and wanted to.

Makes me sad.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Another farm murder...

Should it matter that Eugene Terblanche, AWB leader, was killed early evening yesterday? Or should it matter that Eugene Terblanche, farmer, was killed early evening yesterday?

He was undeniably a white supremecist, his black clad "troops" very reminiscent of the Nazi stormtroopers, a reminder of the genocide that occurred during WWII.

Either way, a man has been killed in a brutal manner, a farmer, becoming another statistic to the ever growing list of farmers that have been killed on their farms since 1994.

The only image that will ever come to mind is when he fell off his horse.