Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dressing for a visit to the gynecologist

Backstory - Five years ago we moved our entire household from Cape Town to Pretoria. Of the many things I do miss, my gynecologist is one. She's just the best there is (Christine van Heerden at Milnerton Medi Clinic - the one time I break my self imposed rule of mentioning real names of real people). She's such a sweetheart. So if you are reading this and live anywhere near Milnerton Medi Clinic....SEE HER! Awesome doctor.

Some time last year my GP said it was time I found myself a gynecologist up here as I'd last had a pap smear just after C's birth. I called around and eventually found one who still takes on new patients who are not pregnant. Lovely lady, she could be my old gynecologist's twin sister. Just as good. This morning I went to see her for my annual checkup.

The dressing up part....

I don't know about anyone else. Me, you take me as you see me. I'm used to walking around barefoot in summer, with a tshirt and capris on. I lived 5 minutes from Blouberg and there was no way I'd squish my feet into shoes in summer! Whenever I had to go somewhere more fancy than the local mall, I'd try and remember to dress a bit better, you know...smarter pants, shirt instead of tshirt, sandals instead of bare feet. Sometimes I'd wander into a doctor's visit barefoot with two kids in tow but hell, their view of Blouberg was practically on the water! They didn't mind or care.

Up here, in Pretoria, capital of the Jean Pant wiff a's a different story. Here, they not only plaster on the makeup whenever they take the trash can out, they really dress up for the occasion. So this morning, after dropping J&C off at school, I came home and pottered around first. Then wandered into the bathroom...showered...washed my hair...remembered to shave my out...saw that the hair on my legs could make a nice winter pelt for some hibernating wild bear somewhere so got back in and out and got dressed.

There were 5 other patients there this morning, all dressed as if they were going to meet the Queen. With my shoes and my smart pants and shirt I still felt under dressed. Next time I think I'll just go in a pair of shorts, tshirt and bare feet, and sprinkle fairy dust on my you-know-what.

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