Sunday, October 18, 2009

Market day and silkworms

Yesterday morning, J&C came to wake me up at sparrowfart to tell me that they now had a female moth...and look mom! They're stuck together! Why are they stuck together? at 6 30am...ur fnljemmmal huh? My head was still under the duvet. Mooooom! What? Oh they're stuck together because they're making babies. But how are they making babies? Oh the daddy moth puts his seeds into the mommy moth and she lays eggs. Oh. Cool! they went happily babbling about the eggs they're going to!

So, market day. It was damn hot yesterday morning and idiot here forgot to take a hat with. And I left the half frozen water bottle at home. First stop was at the deli section to get a medium sized iced coffee...yum fair trade stuff.
The loot :

Second stop was the Curry Dude. Curry Dude will mix whatever you want for whatever type of curry you want to make. I'm making chicken curry today for lunch. Himself has been in Zambia on a conference since Thursday and is lekker lus for a good homemade curry. Oh and Curry Dude also gave me a seasoning mixture with a bit of a kick, can use it on any meat, roasted veg....I mixed it with some melted butter last night and poured that all over the cauliflower and broccoli. YUM!!!!!
The bag on the left is the bbq spice.

After Curry Dude we visited Veggie Dude. Veggie Dude comes every second week and has the most awesome tasting tomatoes, these things are so fresh and taste so sweet and sunny. This week he had red and green chillies so two bags of those plus fresh dhania and I had the makings of a nice curry. I bought some of his artichokes too, dirt cheap! The bread, a large ciabatta type, scarcely made it home before it was devoured, plain with butter on.
Check out those tomatoes, so red and juice. Gosh I sound like an orgasmic ad for adult toys or something. They are good though.

J&C had gotten some money from The Mother when she was here visiting and decided to spend it at the market. I just knew the minute we walked past the stall with the handmade Barbie wedding dresses and ballgowns that C was going to spend her money there. So now her fake Barbie has a bright red ballgown with sequins and a gold panty to match. J was a bit more conservative and bought a box with 3 wooden cutout and glue together then paint toys.

So with all my shopping needs taken care of, off we went to see what else the market had to offer. Two hours later and we were ready for lunch so off to the tearoom section. J&C opted for calamari and chips while I had a steak burger, all washed down with ice cold water. Then we headed off home to gloat over the loot.

Afternoon thunder shower brought some relief from the heat of the day, hail the size of quail eggs though. Lightning was pretty impressive until well in the night.

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