Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Winter is here

And along with this season comes the endless round of colds, cold meds, doctors' visits and general all round snottiness.

Himself came back from China on the 22nd of April with a cold, the week before the swine flu epidemic made headlines (no I don't have swine flu, for the 1000th time!).

Himself then took some time off the week after we all voted, only to spend it moping around really sick. Poor bugger. The next week He went back to work, having mostly recovered from his cold.

Now it's my turn. Last week was great, kept the fluids up and kept dosing myself with Corenza, Cal-c-vita and ACC200. My snot level decreased and it looked like the cold was just that...much snottiness about nothing. This week I feel like all kinds of shit. My sinuses are blocked, my eyes tear up at the mere thought of another tissue scraping across my blood red fiery nostrils. My nose feels much like I imagine a trainee dragon does after burning it's nostrils the first few times with fire! My throat feels like I am dragging sandpaper over it every time I breathe.

At precisely 11.30am this morning, I am going to see my doctor. Hopefully she can give me something that will get rid of this cold and banish the snot from my sinuses.

ETA : It is now 1.23pm. My first round of antibiotics is in....a nasal gel I had to smear inside each nostril (I feel like a kid picking it's nose! :) ), and pain meds. Apparently I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. I only felt the pain from the sinus infection.

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