Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Responsibilities, blood tests and a fly

This whole week J is class leader (one of 3). On Monday afternoon he informed me that he had to be at school at least at 7am every morning so that he could do his chores. WTF Dude! I have to beg you to keep your room tidy and you want to do chores at school!!

The class leaders have to make sure that the windows are open, the bins are clean, the whiteboard is cleaned and that the date is changed to the relevant day, papers laying around are tidied up....

Actually it's quite sweet how he clears up the classroom now. He has promised though to show the same enthusiasm for his room. Time will tell.

This morning my alarm went off at 5.10am (yes that's sparrowfart I know) and I went back to sleep, only to wake up suddenly at 6am! J was worried that he'd be late but we got him to school by 7am. Then it was a mad rush to get to the hospital lab to have blood drawn. It's that time of year for my cholestrol and glucose tests. I'm not worried, I've been good and taking my meds. Just wish that the poor lab tech nurse didn't have to struggle so with my pathetic veins. I don't have any so any time I have to have blood drawn, the vein in my hand has to be mutilated so that they can get a few drops of blood. Leaves me with a lovely bruise on the top of my hand!

And the fly bit I hear you ask? There's nothing more that I positively hate than flies. There is currently a huge hairy black thing buzzing around the study and do you think I can swat it? NO!

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