Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just shoot me now.

Precisely 7 days ago this morning at more or less the same time I was sitting in my GP's office waiting to see her. I had a bad sinus cold and she gave me some meds. Three days later and I could smell again! (Himself was glad, I could now smell burning food...). Fast forward to Sunday night. Cold sweat, chills, heatwave. Snot pouring out of my nostrils and hacking it up from my lungs. Ja tmi I know, but suck it up! :)

Last night was bad, I coughed and kept the entire household awake. I'm going back to see her, this 3 day antibiotic shit isn't going to cut it this time round! And sitting under a blanket with a jacket and tracksuit on underneath isn't making me feel any better either! Tomorrow night I have to at least be able to taste the 5 course meal and the wine that goes with each course!

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