Friday, May 08, 2009

I was born to eat soup....

For the longest time, J and C refused to eat soup. First it was too chunky then it was too watery, too meaty, too veggie, too this too that! Eventually I gave up offering them soup to eat and Himself and I would stuff our faces.

Tuesday it was so cold I decided a pot of soup would be ideal for the cold night. Took out some steak, diced and browned it with loads of garlic...the smell in the kitchen was heavenly! Added loads of veggies and lentils and cooked it on low the whole day. That night, I dished up 4 bowls, put some buttered slices of brown bread on a plate and sat back to watch my two. C dipped a piece of bread into her bowl....sniffed it....tasted it....dipped some more....J cautiously tried a spoon and then another and another. Before they knew it, their bowls were finished.

Wednesday morning, while making their school lunches, J asked if he could have some soup and bread to school....and could I put it in his new container...the one you heat up with hot water before putting something hot in, almost like a thermos for food. C saw that he was getting his new container to school and asked if she could get some soup too and not to forget the buttered bread. On the way to school he told C that he was definately born to eat soup.

Last night we had the last of the soup, well J and C had the last of the soup. Both were sad when they realised it was the last and that they would not be getting soup to school today for lunch.


Ei said...

So are we officially over vegetarianism? :)

Claudine said...

Oh no, definately not over vegetarianism! There are just some meals he has officially excluded from the meat category!