Friday, May 01, 2009

Life happens sometimes....

So, I haven't posted in a while. Life happened.

Let's see, we voted on the 22nd. That went well. The ANC for the first time since 1994, did not get their 2/3 majority. Looks like their popularity may be waning after all. I wonder though, how many voters have been lost from the older generation, the one that lived under apartheid. I wonder too if the loss in majority comes rather from a more well informed youth, those who were just 17 and not able to vote in the last election 4 years ago, as well as those who turned 18 in the past 4 years. People I have spoken with in the last few days since the election seem to think that it is the younger generation who are responsible for the waning popularity, I'm not so sure.

The past week He has been on leave, it was a public holiday on Monday and again today so what's the point in working 3 days when no one else is at work? It was great having Himself home for a few days but shitty that he had a snotfest cold that he passed onto me. At least we were able to "sleep in" without the kids disturbing us! He also took the kids to school every morning, leaving me to schlepp around in my pjs until 10am. I even got taken out for a meal! If you are ever anywhere near the Southdowns Centre, make your way over to Doppio Zero and try their breakfast menu, I highly recommend the pineapple, pear, mint and ginger smoothie to go with your Benini Eggs (have it with spinach). He had two paper thin pancakes stuffed to the brim with fresh fruit and cream on the side. Cappocchinos are also tdf!

The rest of this weekend will definately be spent sneezing and dying under my duvet (doona for my Aussie friends). Much rain is predicted until Monday.

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