Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow aren't you glad I'm not pissed at you today!

Ja so I'm in a bitchy whiny mood today, sue me.

I chipped a front tooth last week, nothing bad but noticable to me. So I make an appointment for 1.30pm today. Knowing how my dentist's office likes loosing our patient file, I get there at 1pm exactly. Get my file sorted (wow how'd they lose the contents this time round I wonder? The paper monster eat it??). By 1.20pm I am sitting in a chair waiting...and waiting...so I take out my cell phone. It's got sudoko on it, may as well entertain myself for 10 minutes. I keep an eye on the clock above the door. Since I got there at 1pm, I've heard nothing but talking and laughter coming out one of the offices. It's all cool, means the dentist is not hurting her patients. At 1.40pm the receptionist peeks into my dentist's office and comes out to say that they won't be long, she's nearly done with her patient. Great, it's not like I only got here you know, you morons made me come out early because you always lose our file.

Another 10 minutes of silently swearing at my cell phone (level genius 99th game just doesn't want to play along!).

In the 50 minutes I have been here, I have learned that one of your patients has a son who must come off her medical file...oh and you don't have him on in the first place and the paper monster's eaten the insides...and the other receptionist is fighting her medical insurance over a chronic medical benefit.....the lady who cleans the office and makes your tea you suspect of having AIDS (Why? Because she's black perhaps? And as we all know all black people here have AIDS.[insert eyeroll smiley]). You think all English people are snobs...gee you think? Oh and the specialised day care the younger receptionist sends her diabetic daughter to whenever she is sick you think is just fine because after all who would look after those types of children. Only you aren't referring to black kids this time...you are referring to disabled kids.

At 2pm I get up to go to the toilet and you tell me I can't the dentist is done. Eat toiletpaper bitch! I need to go. I finally get into my dentist's office and find out the reason she is now running more than 30 minutes late is because the previous patient is a longtime friend, they spent half the time getting caught up on each other's news and the other half actually doing some dental stuff.

And when I finally get to leave, you want to have a conversation with me, as if you know me and are my new BFF.....WTFever! Just process my damn claim ok?

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