Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Friends

who have my email address....not my Yahoo! for everyday ezine/website use, my home private use one. Yes that includes all my family members!

For the love of all that you consider holy, can you please stop sending me all this shit! Really, do I need to know that China has an ongoing war with PETA about their fur farms? Do I really need to know that little Jane disappeared in a mall and someone shaved her head and doped her up? (That little gem has been going around the interwebz for about 4 years now.) Do I really need to know that the cancer kid from some country far far away really needs my help collecting cards as it is his/her dying wish to enter the Guiness world record for having the most cards? (That one's been going around even longer!) All those chain letters, the ones that say I did it and won a fortune in money! Or the ones that say hey friend I love you, with the dancing bees. The ones that talk about blacks taking over the white man's country, raping and killing our children as they do.

And today's little gem....the 3meg file with all the pretty little pictures! Yes babies are cute, I had two of them remember? But did you really have to send it to me five fucking times?????

Don't misunderstand my little rant, I'm not ungrateful that you all think of me when you send me emails, I love getting news from far and near. I just absolutely hate that you have to forward me every piece of spam and shit that you get!

From now on, I will delete all of them without reading them and you better hope that your news, the one email I really do want to read, doesn't get lost in there somewhere. Else I will have to ban your email address.

Your friend


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