Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday parties and dirty dishes rant

J&C had one party to go to yesterday morning and then J had one directly after to go to. Himself made a delicious breakfast (thanks babe!) for us all before we left home at 10.25am.

I got home just after 2pm after having 1 cupcake, a slice of peppermint tart and 2 cups of tea. In the space of 3 hours. I was hungry but the countertop was still full of leftover cutup onions, bacon and other shit. I couldn't make myself something to eat until all the dirty dishes and food and ants were cleaned up so that there was some space to work on. Himself sat on his arse and watched rugby. Yay. He did say that he'd wash the dishes later...serioiusly? And when would that have been? At 5pm after the last game finished and you wanted dinner?

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