Monday, January 31, 2011

CTFM Southdowns - a review

Last Friday Himself decided to treat the family so we went to Cape Town Fish Market in Southdowns mall. We'd been there with friends before and thought J&C would enjoy seeing a sushi bar and eating off it. J is into sushi big time right now and he and I treat ourselves to a few pieces every other month. C....not so much a fan.

We sat down at the table first, just to make sure the kids really wanted to try the sushi. Then we sat at the sushi bar. Between J, Himself and I, we had 7 different dishes. C tried one but ended up eating the rice and not the fish.

The first time we were there, we'd found the service really slow. Not any different this time either and the place was only half full. I don't know what it is about a restaurant that is about half full. Every time we eat out somewhere and it is half full, the service slows down. It's weird.

J had calamari and chips, C had steak (yes my carnivore struck again ;) ) with chips. Himself tried the Sizzler, a seafood mix with prawns, calamari strips, mussels and bits of fish in a peri peri sauce. I had a combo of fish of the day and calamari strips. We ordered a seafood noodle dish for all to share.

The prawns in the Sizzler....6 heads without bodies and 3 tiny prawns, no sign of bits of fish. My fish of the day was the tail end and so overcooked I couldn't even taste what species of fish it was. The calamari was great though. Kids enjoyed their meal.

When the manager came round asking how the meal was, Himself showed him the last of the heads he'd just removed from the sauce and wanted to know if that was what it was supposed to look like. He said no and immediately arranged for our waitress to get him 6 more prawns.

For R600 which included 4 soft drinks and two beers, it wasn't a great meal. The sushi was really good, J outdid even my expectations of how much he enjoys it.

Rating : 4/5 (originally 3/5 but an extra point for the manager organising more prawns)
Service : Not great. Expect long delays between courses

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