Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A good deed punished

Today I thought I would be a better person than I normally am and offer to help someone with no regard to myself.

After dropping J&C off at school and on the way home, I drove past a man on a motorbike who had stopped alongside the road and was trying to adjust what I thought was a bag in front of him. It wasn't. It was a child of about a year old. He very obviously could not control the motorbike and the child so had stopped. I stopped and rolled my window down, offering to help. He was incensed that I would even imply he shouldn't be driving so dangerously with a very young toddler inbetween his legs on an uncontrolable vehicle. I drove away in disgust.

I feel sorry for children whose parents think so little of their lives.

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Hmmmm said...

seriously? appalled!