Monday, January 24, 2011

Metal mouth

C has to have two milk teeth taken out today. Poor kid. It all started two weeks ago when I took her to see the dentist about a hole in a milk tooth. He cleaned it out, filled it and then sat me down for a talk. Her mouth is too small for all her teeth he said, and as a result some of her teeth on the top have come out behind the others. Way behind. He recommended a few orthodontists. We saw a really good one last week who recommended braces for C's top front teeth for now. The two milk teeth are in the way and have to come out before he puts the braces on in March. She gets to wear the braces for 8 or 9 months.

Back home, J (the little bugger) started joking around about her soon to be put in braces. In a way I am glad he did, his teasing is only the start of what is going to come.

She was very upset about the teasing so we spoke about the coming months, the treatment and what it is going to do for her and why it is so necessary. She understands why it has to be done but is not at all happy about being teased for it.

Still, I pity her. Children can be nasty and cruel for no reason. I'm going to make sure that the Tand Muis (Tooth Fairy) leaves behind a huge pile of loot for the teeth tonight.

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