Friday, March 12, 2010

When family reconnects

A good few years ago, Himself's extended family was very close. So close that they hollidayed together, basically grew up in each other's back pockets.

Then the cousins grew up, got married, moved out of the country (some of them). We still saw them whenever they came back here to visit which was very often but as time passed so did contact and after a few years and a visit from us to them, we just never heard from them again.

Except for bumping into each other on home visits unexpectedly. It was always fascinating to see their reactions, how the first thing they said was I don't have time to chat, before actually saying hello.

This year it's as if they've finally realised that family is precious, they want to reconnect. They make the effort to contact us. Let's hope it's a lasting phase in their lives and not a fly by night visit.

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Kate said...

Family is precious even if they steal pizza !!!!!!!