Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kudos to Telkom

Normally, if this was a normal day, this post would be a rant at how pathetic Telkom's service is. Now we all know that because Telkom was once wholly state-owned and the only telephone company in the country, you had no choice but to use them. (It's still like that except they are no longer wholly state-owned.) And as a result of being a monopoly for years and years, their service, attitude and customer care was slightly lacking (probably the understatement of the year if is to be believed). So you can all imagine my dread at having to call them to sort out a problem I had on Monday. I couldn't access the internet or download my email.

I had visions of me dying of old age, my corpse eventually turning to dust and blowing away before my internet access was restored.

Well, for once, Telkom's techies did a wonderful job and I was only offline for 2 days. I did have to call numerous times but with the wonderful call back feature, I spent very little time actually holding on listening to that dreadful tune they play.

So, thanks to Helen and eventually Chris at their technical support centre for ADSL users, and one small setting change on my router, I am able to keep the world updated about my life.

(Just don't ask why Himself, being an IT specialist, couldn't figure it out...)

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