Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marmite vs (BLECH!) Vegemite

A conversation on Facebook is currently mired in the age old debate - Marmite or vegemite.

ME : In a war between Superior Marmite and lowly Vegemite, Marmite will win every time.

E : No way man!

M : NO freaking way man!!! *blows nose in the direction of marmite*

K : Marmite rules!

W : um...what about Bovril mmm?

ME : M, I fart in your general direction. W, my friend, please. Don't go there, there's no competition with Bovril. Which sucks.

ME : There are 310 pages for marmite on Facebook. 108 for Vegemite. WIN!!!

J : Vegemite rocks!

L : No no no, not marmite!! Vegemite all the way baby!!

ME : Someone mentioned that vegemite and cheese cannot be combined...marmite sells a successful marmite cheesespread, combined with the 202 MORE fan pages on Facebook, people you are losing!

L : Ahem, I beg to differ (and here this poor deluded Aussie tried to link me to a page with a poor representation of Vegemite's attempt released mid Jan 2010 at copying the far superior Marmite cheesespread.)

ME : Marmite's one's been around longer...and E says it isn't nice. I'll go with her opinion.

L : (I think sheepishly as she doesn't want anyone to know) Actually, I don't really like it either (hehehe) but I still love the original! (Obviously trying to salvage her dignity here at this confession.)

ME : See, see! Even you everloving vegemiters don't like it! Ha!

L : It kills me to admit it, but it's true..ack!!

And there you have it folks, if you are trying to decide which one is better, if an Aussie can admit Vegemite is not good, so can you! Buy your ultra large jar of Marmite today.


Ei said...

To which I reply "I am American, so clearly this conversation is without merit." Off to navel gaze.

Claudine said...


Em said...

I think that Marmite must be paying you Claudine! Posting on forums about it, face booking about it, blogging about it! What's next? Smear your body with *shudder* Marmite and do a nudie run? (the shudder is for the marmite by the way, not the nudie run! =P )


Claudine said...

Well, you know, what can I say Em? It is delicious when smeared upon one's skin and delicately licked off.....

Em said...

I'm sure it's good for your skin!


Kate said...

Vegie all the way !!!