Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucky 13

13 years. That's how long Himself and I have been married. Even scarier number - we've known each other for 22 years. If you count the 4 years we were in the same high school and vaguely recognised each other...that's 26 years. That's a long time to be together.

We got married on the 15th of March. Yes yes, I've heard all the jokes about the date but believe me, we're not the killing kind!

As we aren't romantically inclined to go out and buy each other whatever that anniversary is supposed to be, we went out for breakfast at the Mugg & Bean at Irene Village Mall instead yesterday morning.

For R99 (that's the equivalent of just over 13 US$), Himself and I had 2 cups of house blend coffee, two cups of Mocca Java coffee (which tasted better than the house blend), He had the Sausage and Egg sarmie and I had the Delite (eggs benedict without the hollandaise, the spinach, the muffin).

The service was excellent, for a restaurant that was already open at 7.30am on a Monday morning. The staff were friendly and wide awake (unlike the patrons, 1 of whom thought it great to start complaining for no reason) and the food arrived hot from the kitchen, always a good sign.

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Kate said...

Happy Anniversary !