Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Difficult discussions

Some mornings J&C like to tackle difficult topics of conversation. This morning, C told me about her little friend whose parents are divorced. Her father hasn't seen her basically since her birth and has no interest in her life or her sister's life. Her mom is a single, unsupported but for friends, mother who works difficult shifts and odd hours. It boggles my mind that a man could have a child but choose to ignore that child so completely.

This in turn led to an answer-question session. Are you and dad getting divorced? What will happen if you do move out of the house? Who will we stay with? Why do you argue? Are you happy? Do you love each other?

As always, I tried answering these tough life questions in a manner that was truthful and didn't sugarcoat problems in the adult world. They mostly understood what I said and how I answered, I hope. Can't wait for the next topic they decide to talk about!

I've been thinking about that little friend all day.

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