Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Breasts and the model's brain size

It's breastfeeding week time, from 1 - 7 August. Which is a good thing. It promotoes a great source of nutrition for your baby, you can eat mostly whatever normal amounts of food you want without gaining weight while your child sucks everything right out of your body and it keeps the little one healthy too. No one is arguing the point that breast is best under the right conditions. And really I most certainly don't care what you feed your baby as long as your baby gets food and doesn't starve. But when people spout off silly things without thinking, it makes me think that sometimes, the lights aren't on all the time iykwim?

Giselle Bundchen proves, sometimes, that a model's breast size directely correlates with her brain size. Miss Bundchen has a handful, quite a nice handful, but that doesn't bode well for her brain. Especially when she says that a global law forcing women to breastfeed for 6 months should be considered. Really. Read it here.

Wow. How to go about in support of women.


Ei said...

Always interesting to see how limited a person's ideas are in comparison to their scope of experience. She has, after all had the one baby, with no complications what so ever and has more money than most of us will ever see. Of course her experience is normative.


Claudine said...

Yup. That is certainly true.