Friday, April 16, 2010

A gym membership

I'm a fat 40yo woman with curves in places whoever created us most certainly never intended. I have a stomach that wobbles like jelly whenever I lay on my back and laugh. I look like a beached whale when entrenched under the duvet in the middle of winter.

Due to my fatness, I have reflux, high cholestrol and a lazy arse that loves the couch. And chips with dip. Hey I like food ok?

Cardio Guy told me in January that I needed to exercise at my yearly appointment. It took a while but here I am, fresh from having paid an arm and a leg to join my local Curves. I start my first round of torture on Monday, followed by Wednesday and followed by Friday.

My survival plan includes :

1 Not turning into a gym bunny.
2 Drinking lots of wine.
3 Sweating so much that no one will want to talk to me.
4 Coming home and passing out on the couch mumbling insanely.
5 Drinking lots of wine.


Em said...

I know so many people who have loved Curves. Apparently it can become quite addictive.

As a fellow fatty, I can empathise with how hard it can be. I am petrified of gyms!

Congrats on taking the 1st step! KUP with how it goes!

Ei said...

Red wine is full of anti-oxidants, very good for your work out plan. ;)

I started the diet. I'm scared of the working out portion but I promised myself I would when it got warmer here...which it has...DAMMIT.