Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, that's the big 4-0 then.

Ja, the BIG 40 has come and gone. And, just like 30, I still feel the same. It didn't bother me nearly as much as 3 of my friends seem to be bothered. I'm officially the oldest in our group. Radioactive Friend turns 40 next. She's ok but antsy about it being a totally new decade. Beancounter just keeps burying her head in the sand. She's not quite living the reality of a soon to be 40 year old.

I told everyone I was celebrating the anniversary of my 21st birthday, more as a joke than anything else.

I'm quite looking forward to the next decade. I have a feeling great things are going to happen.

According to this site, 2010 will be my most financially rewarding year, I'll be at odds with Himself, doing some minor home renovations, I should really start up my yoga class again and I need to start making some shrewd business investments.

Guess I better get cracking on the stock market then...

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