Friday, February 26, 2010

Jack Russels

When we were still thinking about the breed of dog to get J&C, everyone told us to stay away from Jack Russels because they are so active, destruction is their middle name.

We've had Lightning since the middle of January. He comes with a pedigree (grandsire from New Zealand nogal!) a mile long. The breeder told us that he'd paired his most docile male and female but that would be no guarantee that the puppy would be docile, he might just be Basement Cat's worst nightmare.

So far he has destroyed a couple of paper airplanes that J made for him, his worm is looking sadly worn (well what do you expect when it gets humped at every opportunity!), he is slowly pulling the fluff off a very old tennis ball and worked his way through his very first box of Beano treats. Oh and the ginger cat that used our backyard as his own personal toilet is leary of coming into our yard now.

I'm still waiting for the destruction to set in.

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