Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bulls vs Province

I'm a rugby fanatic, I worship the leather ball that is Rugubus.

As with the American Civil War, there are two factions of rugby supporters in South Africa, one in the north - the Blue Bulls, and one in the south, Western Province. Having grown up in Western Province territory, I am a Province supporter, a foot soldier on the frontline of the game. I live in the north though, an unfriendly place if you do not support the Blue Bulls.

Oh there is good-natured ribbing verging on the insulting, like with most sport affiliations. It goes both ways. The best part of a game is when we are on the winning side. Our neighbour pulls his Blue Bulls supporters flag down to halfmast when that happens.

A few weeks ago there was some speculation around two Blue Bulls players. One has in the meantime signed up for Province. The other is staying tied to their apron strings.

Let the War of the North and South begin!

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