Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blowing smoke...

I put my foot in my mouth often. If you had to speak to my family, they'd tell you I'd probably die choking on my foot!

If someone asks you an honest question (bear in mind this is on the interwebz), would you answer and blow smoke up that person's arse, or would you answer honestly and leave out names to keep a thread on a bulletin board happy?

I answered honestly, but forcefully, leaving out names. Now some wussies are jumping up and down because I did. [Insert eyeroll here]. WTF people! You want the truth or do you want sunshine and roses that mean sweet fuckall at the end of the day?

I'm not the sunshine and roses type and even though I do put my foot in it often enough to cause some shit sometimes, I am also not eternally bitchy enough to want to hurt someone for asking an honest question, or for derailing something that seemed for the most part actually quite positive. Ok so I want to stomp on someone and feed her body parts to the rats...does that make me a bad person?


Em said...

I also suffer from foot in mouth syndrome! Sorry that someone is pissing you off!

Carolyn said...

If someone asks a question it's best to be honest - and if they don't like the truth they shouldn't have asked in the first place! It's a bit like the "does my bum look big in this?" scenario - would you want honesty or would you like to walk around in ignorance whilst looking like an elephant!!!!!! We are living in strange times where nobody is allowed to have their feelings hurt in any way, shape or form.