Wednesday, April 08, 2009


At 9pm last night I was laying in bed reading a book while He was watching the Manchester United game on tv. All of a sudden I heard a frantic scream and what sounded like WWIII in the roof above our bed. There was frantic scrabbling of claws and screams, loads of dust coming out at the top of the roof where it meeets the tiles....sounded really awful. Then it stopped, started up again a bit later, stopped, started up this time the screams sounded like some Thing was killing some Thing else. Thuds as the Things fought. At one stage I thought the ceiling might fall in on top of us!

Finally at 3am it stopped so He and I have had very little sleep. At 8am I called a pest control company to come out and do an inspection....R590 later I have some rat poison and a follow up visit scheduled for 4 weeks from today. Thank the FSM it's not summer!

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