Monday, April 06, 2009

Dumbass of the day award

goes to ....... TA DA! Me!

This morning J and C got dressed, ate their breakfast and drank their juice without complaint, got their teeth brushed all without fighting and generally behaved....see I bribed them. In the 8 years I have been a mother, I have found that once these aliens start thinking for themselves there is one tool that works without fail...bribery. In this instance I promised we would go to the Spur for milkshakes so that they could play and I could have some peace for an hour after grocery shopping.

At 9am the two little aliens were standing at the front door all full of smiles and jabbering on about what games they were going to play. I picked up my bag, my housekeys and my car keys. For the next hour I searched everywhere! Even went through the car with a finetooth comb frantically searching keys. Eventually, frantic and almost in tears (I had visions of paying a fortune to have my car keys recut and Him being mad at the extra expense) so I walked out to the garage again and stood there.

And there they the door lock on the passenger front side....this after I had looked under the car (and changed my clothes), in the car, under the carseats, around the car....I blame it on my glasses, they were on top of my head keeping my hair out of my face so how could I have noticed the keys in the door? I mean really....

So at 10am this morning we drove down to the Mall, spent some money at PnP and Ackermans before I crashed at my table at the Spur. 11am would have been too early to raid their bar....

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