Thursday, June 03, 2010

Ha ha Mr President!

I'm no fan of Jacob Zuma, in fact I think the man is a 3 ring circus. I had a good laugh at his expense tonight though.

Himself sent me a link about the Seli 1 that has started burning on Blouberg via (stunning photos!). The story that caught my eye though was this one, the one about Zuma's second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma and an apparent affair with a bodyguard who conveniently committed suicide when the affair was discovered. She's pregnant.

And we are surprised why? I mean, her husband appeared in court a few years ago after having unprotected forced sex with an HIV positive woman then said he washed the AIDS virus off with hot water and soap, he's slept with more than just his many wives and impregnated women he is not married to.

So why the fuss (if it turns out to be true) that his own wife cuckolded him? Get over yourself Mr President. You set a magnificent example not only to your many wives, girlfriends, fiances, lovers and one night stands but to every single person in this country. Should we be shocked that one of your wives decided to try out greener pastures?

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