Monday, May 31, 2010


After the police, security company and neighbourhood watch arrived on Thursday, Himself contacted a security specialist friend. He in turn contacted someone and they used my cellphone to triangulate the direction the hijackers took. My car was found about 45 minutes after the incident, safely parked and locked near a centre in Tembisa.

Of course, my wallet containing my drivers licence, ID document, cards and cash, my handbag and a few other things were no longer in the car. They even took the school lunch bags I pack for J&C. Their school bags with school books were still in the boot, which they never opened.

Even though we got the car back and the kids could go to school on Friday with their own school bags, our lives will never be the same.

Even though I am going to see a trauma counselor, I will probably never feel safe.

Even though my children seem fine on the surface, they now know that all those promises we as parents make are not true. We can't keep them safe all the time.

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