Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm not squeamish but these little fuckers freak me out. They're pale and squishy and just bloody gross!

J came home last week with a bowl with about 8 or so. I can live with that. Then the next day he came home with 10 more. Cool I can live with that too. Except...little dude never thought to look at the mulberry tree and see if it had any leaves for the poor starving squishies!

The last week and a few days I have been driving around stealing leaves off of other people's trees. Yes the things we do for our children.

My tree has loads of tiny little leaves now so I will be putting my burglary days behind me soon...I did spot a tree a couple of houses down that no one knows of though...the leaves are GINORMOUS!....

If you happen to spot someone stealing leaves off your mulberry tree...I've got Lindt chocolate to trade!

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