Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Honey, there's a cross in my backyard!

I don't pretend to be religious. I don't pretend to understand why people feel that they have to have an outward display of their religious beliefs.

I do however know that for the longest time now, I have been questioning my faith in God. I am no longer a born again Christian and can't lay claim to that lable. I believe that the bible is a collection of historical accounts of a person and people who lived 2000 years or more ago and who, for lack of any written history, collected their folk tales and put it into book form. The first history book if you will.

I don't believe in creationism, that notion of dinosaurs living alongside modern man. I do believe in science and the concrete evidence of millions of years of evolution.

I am a thinker, not a follower. Well I used to follow but now I question. Thinking and pondering comes with the questioning. This is a trait that I sincerely hope I can pass onto my children. One that will show them how wonderful life on this planet can be without taking everything at face value.

What I don't hope for is that they blindly follow, although even if they do it wouldn't be an issue between us but one that I would carry within me.

What I find incredibly sad is that we now have this to ride past every day :

Not because it is an outward representation of one path's beliefs, but because it only incorporates a Christian belief system. Clearly there is no tolerance in the area we live in for anything else. It would have been so much more interesting to have a montage of different symbols from different belief systems around the world, clearly proclaiming to all who drive or walk past that we are truly one.

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