Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Mamas

Towards the end of 1999 I joined an online community for the first time, Babycenter. It was a few months after we had lost our baby and I found solace in the loss boards there. After a few years, the administration of Babycenter split and I followed with the rebels to, a place that was supposed to be all about the mamas and their babies, free of the strangulation of rules and guidelines at Babycenter. Well, became that which it hated - a constrictive, power hungry, ban-happy place where your opinion on topics wasn't valued, where your very words were censored so that ass (denoting donkey) became ***, or mass would become m***, you get the picture.

Just over a month ago I left that site permanently, I can't even log onto the site anymore because my IP has been banned. My crime, posting a link to another, better, site. Oh I did it deliberately, I posted a link to The Mamas, started by a disgruntled member of and one that I hope will supass all our expectations. As of this morning, there are 1076 members, the majority came over from because they, too, could not accept the censorship and general feeling of being let down by a once great admin team.

Thanks Jen and Jamie for doing this, taking so much of your precious time and starting a site where women can be women (and some men too, we have a handful as well!). Where the word ass means your butt and isn't ******* out. Where we can be adults and hang out without worrying that big brother is watching us.

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