Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Choices parents make

Sometimes parents make bad parenting choices. This does not mean they are generally all bad. It just means that I would like to slap them upside the head and ask "WTF! Do you not think??"

There was an article last week in a local newspaper about a quad bike accident in which a four year old boy was severely injured. His parents, after much nagging from the injured little boy, bought him a 50cc quad bike. After much pleading and begging, the father agreed to let him ride his quad bike up the road to his aunt 5 houses away....without a helmet...they didn't think anything could possibly happen because it is only a 50cc engine, the child would ride slowly. Well, the little boy lost control of the quad bike and slammed into a brick wall breaking every bone in his face, including fracturing his skull. His father was walking alongside him and couldn't run fast enough to stop him crashing into the wall. In the article the mother asked that all the nasty comments from people stop, that it was an accident, that they didn't mean for their son to be so badly injured. Lady, WTF were you thinking in the first place??? A four year old shouldn't even be on a quad bike let alone without a helmet! And if your kid throws a tantrum because you won't let him ride it, so what? He's the child you're the adult. Act like one!

I feel sorry for the family though, don't get me wrong. But really, think next time before you give in to your child's demands.

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