Saturday, February 04, 2012

A recipe for divorce

When I was pregnant with C, we renovated our kitchen. That was 9 years and 4 months ago. I was 7 months pregnant, it was the middle of November, which is in the middle of our African summer (Cape Town's version, not Gauteng's!). I was huge (she weighed 4kg at birth) and it was hot. Hotter than the middle of the Sahara desert. Berg wind conditions.

You'd think that we would have learned our lesson, that renovating a kitchen can be a legitimate reason to divorce the love of your life.....not so much it would seem.

We're starting the process. Again. The last time it was a teeny tiny little kitchen where Himself and I couldn't get into it at the same time, let alone while I was pregnant.

So far, we've seen one company. They've been diligently working on our quote. We agreed to a final layout this morning. Let's see how much the damage is when we actually received the quote on Monday. I'm expecting to have to sell either J or C to pay for it.

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