Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Seychelles pics

I promised you all pics of the Seychelles trip. Here they are.
Part of the resort, Constance Ephelia.

The villa we stayed in, on the ground floor. Each villa has two units.

The pool at the end of the concrete walkway in the above picture.

View from the breakfast area:

The sea is about 100m from the end of the breakfast area and the pathway.
Lunch and lunch buffet. Lucina made a kick arse spaghetti!

The pool flowing throughout the main buildings, bars and restaurant areas

The beach at the resort, note the clean blue and white colours.
One of the days we took a ferry 44kms across from Mahe to Praslin Island, the only natural spot in the world where the coco de mer is grown naturally. The coco de mer is the largest seed in the world and when sailors saw the seed pod floating by in the ocean, dubbed it the coconut from the sea. The leaves of the tree are bigger than a man and until recently was used to roof buildings.

Mahe harbour, on the ferry to Praslin.

Praslin Island

The harbour

The coco de mer. As it resembles a woman's pelvic area, it was considered a fertility symbol by the islanders.

The leaves of the palm.
We had lunch at a small restaurant/gallery in Baie St Anne. Smorgasboard of curries, fresh and grilled vegetables, salads, red snapper.

Our table, about 40m - 50m from the sea.
Anse Lazio, the most famous beach on Praslin where we swam before having lunch.

We took a drive up to the hill where the Presidential Villa of the resort is to take some photos. We kept seeing what I thought were big birds but which our guide said were fruit bats, a local delicacy.

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Amy @ Journey Mum said...

What a beautiful place. So much nicer than all the snow we currently have!