Saturday, January 30, 2010

Anyone want two children? Free to a good home?

Pablo was rechristened Lightning.

And in the two weeks since we got the adorable little scrap, J&C have argued nonstop.

It's my turn to play with him! No it's not it's my turn! But you played with him yesterday all day! I want to hold him! No I want to! Give me the dog! He's mine! I want him! You can't play with him because you have to clean up his poo! No it's your turn to clean up his poo! No! I must feed him! And the latest, He doesn't like you he likes me! And then one rushes off into the bedroom and slams the door sulking.

They come housetrained, mostly have good manners and are sometimes willing to help around the house.

And in the middle of this sibling love, Pab...uh Lightning sits looking from one to the other in wonderment. Then he runs off into the garden and finds a leaf to chew on. He loves leaves, any shape, any length, as long as it is crunchy and he can chew on it.

So far he's learned to come when I call. Well more a come when I clap my hands and act excited to see him. There's still a bit of confusion on the name. He's peed on my laminated wood floors more times than I thought a little dog possibly could, the amount of pee just astounds me. At least at night he's doing better. The first night I kept him in his nice and warm little cloth basket on the floor on my side of the bed. Himself works you know (insert eyeroll) and needs his sleep (as if I can survive on an hour a night!). He woke up on the hour every hour. To play. Which is not fun at 3am. Now do remember I last did the pj drill at 3am when C was a tiny itty bitty little baby.

Then someone suggested I lay newspaper down in the bath and put him in his basket in the bath. Now he wakes up, jumps out of the basket and does his thing. Calls for someone, anyone, to come look at the genius thing he's just done and goes back to sleep.

Luckily, these days my soon to be 40 year old bladder hears the call of nature at about the same time and jumps up and down on me to empty it.

His favourite toy at the moment is a worm that J got when he was a baby. Lightning likes to (hump) dominate it.

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