Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dear Mr Store Manager

I really thought that after being open for a while now that all those annoying little teething problems like broken fridges, untrained staff, apathetic staff, flies on food, low stock of everything etc would be over and done with.

Today I had to come into your store. I had a trolley half full of stuff, the other half of which you did not have in stock (so what else is new?) and had to wait in a queue for about 10 minutes before being able to pack out my things, pay and still make the free parking limit. It was only 10am in the morning but damn it all to hell why did you only have 2 tills operating??? It's not like your store was empty...both tills had about 6 or 7 people at it! There were many other customers walking around zombie like, trying to figure out where all the products had gone. Your policy, boldy stated right there at the till points for all to see, quite clearly states that no customer will ever wait in a queue...not very successfully implemented in your store though.

Apathetic staff and service is what we have all become used to in the new South Africa, our reputation precedes us world wide so this is not a racist white bitch rant on mainly black serving staff. This is a wtf is wrong with people rant! The packers (yes you actually staffed the till points with 2 packers each, why I really don't know) tried their best to do their jobs but really, maybe you should spend some time, money and effort teaching them that eggs, strawberries and bread do not go into the same bag as heavy cartons of juice! And maybe teach them some English while you are at it. It doesn't help employing people who cannot communicate properly! And who don't understand when I politely ask that said items do not get packed along with everything else.

Till point rage, just like road rage, is a very real state of mind. Customers go postal at till points and take it out on the wrong people.

Next time, when you have customers lining up to complain, make sure your store is staffed with the relevant people, like floor and store managers. It's your damn job to make sure the store runs smoothly but you can't do it if you are not even there!

Yours sincerely,

A highly dissatisfied customer considering boycotting your store!

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