Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Holidays...or Life without the Web...

I've just come home after spending a month visiting with family in Cape Town and Hermanus (

My sister doesn't have an internet connection at home and no internet cafes near her home. My inlaws have an antiquated 33k modem dialup that is hardly worth the hour spent trying to log on the one day I tried, but there is an internet cafe. With thousads of holidaymakers vying for the few machines, that too was not worth standing in line.

I suffered, badly.

The holiday was great though, I got to read! A whole book! Ok well it was more like 4 but one was the epic Brisngr and took 2 weeks. I reconnected with my heartbeat and my breathing. Did you all know I can hold my breath for a whole minute before passing out? I learned how to roast a leg of lamb on an open fire. I learned that sometimes life sucks, especially when you have absolutely no control over other people's choices affecting yours. I also learned that I am an art connoisseur, and can actually appreciate someone else's efforts ( enough to purchase.

Overall, the holiday was great but it's going to be a full year before I do anything like that again!

Happy very late New Year to all.

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